W&W Women

W&W Women

Mia Farrow - the classic inspiration


Short hair, don't care! But, where are all the women role models?

Having tried and failed to grow long, luscious locks twice now since having kids I have finally come to the conclusion I not only can't achieve long hair, I don't actually suit it.

So with the decision made that short is best for me, I set about looking for some inspiration to take to my hairdresser. It wasn't long before I dawned on me that magazines, catwalks and even Instagram are awash with long hair role models - where are all the cool crops?!

Here are some beautiful women I admire for their 'short hair, don't care attitude' - and if you feel you're ready for the chop I can't recommend the fabulous Kim at The Boilerhouse enough - she sports short hair herself and is one of the most stylish women I have met.

Carey Mulligan - the gamine crop

Audrey Hepburn - the sideswiped crop

Natalie Portman - the brunette face-shaper

Ruby Rose - the cut with attitude


Kari x




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