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The largest ever auction of Audrey Hepburn’s private possessions goes to Christie’s this week. The collection includes her signature ballet pumps, scripts, personal letters and jewellery. Piquing the interest of fashion and film fans alike the auction catalogue alone is a thing of beauty. Without question Audrey Hepburn had a style which has endured many years and trends. Her famous film roles created some of the most memorable and iconic images of all time. Here at Watson & White some of our favourite looks were the ones from lesser known films. “Two for The Road” with Albert Finney is in itself as visual summary of 1960’s fashion.

Here are ten of our picks of Audrey’s style from both on and off screen.


Photographed by Howell Conant for the film ‘Wait Until Dark’, New York 1967.


In Rome, Italy in 1971.


With her son Luca Dotti in Rome, Italy. September 1975. Photograph by Umberto Pizzi.


Taken from ‘Two for The Road’ 1967.


With her close friend, Doris Brynner on holiday in Hydra, Greece July 1970.


In Rome, Italy. 1970.


Wearing Paco Rabanne during the filming of ‘Two for The Road’ in Grimaud, Var, France 1966.


Audrey and her husband Dr. Andrea Dotti in Rome, Italy. February 1969.


On holiday on the island of Giglio, Tuscany, circa 1969.


New York 1968.

The auction is to be held on 27th September 2017 preceded by an exhibition at Christie’s London HQ.




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