W&W Women

W&W Women



Kat Farmer is pure Instagram gold – her funny and honest daily updates normally include a mix of chaotic family life, Ginny dog walks, changing room try-ons and gin in a tin. The nights out slightly squiffy stories are just the best, she’s the type of person you’d love to be mates with – especially when she’s returned home digging into a bag of Doritos or eating the kids’ leftovers. We’ve all been there.



As Instagram’s head of fashion Eva has a wardrobe to die for as you might expect but it’s her honest daily Insta Stories documenting life with her two young children that has us tuning in every morning over a cuppa. Her daily outfit posts in the back of a New York cab come a close second to the adorable unswaddling of her baby boy.



Make up artist and Global Beauty Director at Estee Lauder @Violette_fr is the epitome of French chic and so cool. We watch her as much for her clothing style as her makeup tutorials.



Karen britchick has a really good mix of designer, vintage and high street style. She is as excited about finding a beautiful vintage bag as she is a designer bargain. Has a really nice and relatable personality on her Stories.



For anyone who loves make up, Lisa’s life is something of dreams. As a global ambassador for Lancome, she jets around the world to work with celebrities but it’s her honest take on life and her own make up looks that make her addictive to watch,



“Hey you Guys” has become a bit of a buzzword amongst those in the know on Instagram – US actress Busy’s catchphrase is all part of her endearing monologue on her life, from her sweaty Lekfit sessions to raising her family and my favourite, her nights out for a few drinks where you feel like you’re part of her gang.



Style icon Garance recently moved across America from New York to a new life in sunny LA. Her beautiful aesthetic now comes to life even more as she documents her new daily routine by the ocean on her Stories. Makes you want to up sticks to LALA land.


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