W&W Wishlist - Trench Coats

W&W Wishlist - Trench Coats

The ubiquitous trench coat first evolved from the waterproof coats created by Charles Macintosh and Thomas Hancock in the early 1820's to become one the most enduring pieces in your wardrobe.

Aquascutum and Burberry were one of the first brands to be associated with trench coats, both initially designing styles to be worn by the troops in the First World War (hence the term 'trench') and its silhouette has remained largely unchanged ever since. And for good reason, loved by celebrities and the general public alike you can't go wrong with a classic style in an earthy tone.

There's lots to be found on the high street at the moment but if you're lucky you'll source a vintage beauty in your local charity shop at a fraction of the cost.

We've done a round up of some iconic trench wearers - bookmark for your trans-seasonal coat inspo...



 Jane xx


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