W&W Wishlist - Podcast special

W&W Wishlist - Podcast special

Its Easter, a long weekend of bank holiday loveliness and chocolate eggs beckons. Recently my favourite thing to do when I get a lazy day is to run a bubble bath and listen to a podcast - so this week's WishList is less about hitting the shops and all about chilling out instead.

Podcasts have been around for years but it seems a though 2018 is really their year. So if you haven't given them a try yet, here's my current playlist - perfect for long weekends, dog walks or the commute to work.

Happy Place by Fearne Cotton is the new kid on the block, and only a few episodes in I'm hooked. Fearne talks to famous people about wellbeing, mental health and what their 'happy place' is when times get tough. My favourite has to be the Dawn French episode, she is so full of wit, fun and hard-hitting truths its an inspiring listen. Others include Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black talking family ahead of their new arrival, the hilarious Paloma Faith and this week's episode I have yet to listen to is Stephen Fry.

'How I Built This' is a US podcast from Guy Raz that interviews successful entrepreneurs about how they started and built their business. This type of stuff fascinates me, what inspires someone to get started and how do they battle through the challenges to grow a brand? My favourites are Marcia Kilgore of Beauty Pie and other successful companies like Soap & Glory and FitFlop, and Gordon Segal of Crate & Barrel - a wonderful story of one cobbled together little Chicago store in the 1960s that went on to become a global chain.

Pardon My French is from Garance Dore, one of our favourite style influencers. Her wonderful accent makes this podcast a dreamy listen, but its also a real deep dive into the lives and beliefs of her interviewees. She covers a lot of life topics from style to social media, wellbeing to weddings. The powerful chat with Dr. Habib Sadeghi explores issues of trust, wellness and fertility - and Garance is beautifully honest in her account of all three.

Is It Just Me by former Glamour editor, Jo Elvin and James Williams is a funny lighthearted chat with celebrities that is just like your favourite weekly magazine, but on air. The Trinny Woodall episode is as funny and zany as you might imagine.

Ted Talks Daily is the podcast version of the famous Ted Talks series, so its conversation topics are as eclectic as the stage talks. My choice for this weekend is 'How to Love Criticism' with Adam Grant, which explores how direct and honest feedback is the best way to run a successful team.

Desert Island Discs is one of my favourite ways to send a Sunday morning, but now I have a yoga class I miss the show and catch up later on (in the bath!) on Sunday evenings. Everyone you can think of is on there, from politicians to footballers, but one of my favourites has to be the funny and heartwarming Irish author Marian Keyes.

All of the above are available from the iTunes podcasts app

Happy Easter - hope you all find some time to relax

Kari x



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