W&W WishList - 9 Feb 2018

W&W WishList - 9 Feb 2018


Valentine Picks Under £25

Every year at around this time my husband and I have the same conversation going something like this, Husband: “Are we buying each other anything for Valentine’s Day?” Me: “No don’t bother, just get me a card.” Then around comes the big day and I suddenly decide that if my husband was truly romantic he should have ignored my comments about Valentine’s Day being a retail con and bought me the jewellery (especially as I had sent him numerous links and tagged him on Instagram far too many times) or the bag or even a sad old bunch of overpriced flowers.  This year we’ve not yet had the conversation but I may send him a few of these picks just to help him along.

 I’ve ordered a few gifts from the brilliant Vinegar and Brown Paper over the years and actually bought this fab test tube for my husband’s birthday. There are many, many items on the website to choose from and it’s always a good stop for unique and original gifts whatever the time of year. 

These cute little Valentine edition cups (there are bowls and plates available too) are very ‘Anthropologie’ but at such a reasonable price you can go for the full set.

Once called the ‘most romantic book of all time’ this collection draws from the private papers of Anne Boleyn, Mozart, Charles Darwin and many more ‘Love Letters of Great Men and Women’ collects together some of the most romantic letters in history. The famous authors to one side these love letters show that perhaps very little has changed over the past 2,000 years when it comes to the emotions and complexities of love.

Heart detail jewellery rarely goes out of style or popularity. Our Clara necklace is a delicate addition and the battered bronze finish adds extra interest.

Although nowadays most of store our images of loved ones on our phones or on computer there is something rather lovely about a physical photograph kept in a purse or wallet.  This is a really thoughtful gift, almost like a modern-day love token.

You can’t talk about Valentine’s Day and not mention roses. A large bouquet of red roses is gorgeous but for the same money I’d much prefer a bottle of this amazing scented oil.

Heart motif t-shirts and sweatshirts are always readily available on the high street but this more graphic version from Stradivarius is a great one. Featuring the work of the iconic 80’s artist and activist Keith Haring it is bold, bright and fabulous. 

So that’s it for another week we hope you all feel the love this Valentines and I’ll be back next week.

Hannah x




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