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W&W Wishlist

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29th October 2017

There are two things that I’ll happily admit to being snobby about; 1. Coffee and 2. Scented Candles. After Jo Malone (which are reserved for birthday and Christmas purchases) St Eval candles are my go to. Handmade in Cornwall and packaging in simple tin and brown paper, their wide range of long lasting scents has something for everyone (my favourites are the ‘Joy’ or ‘Embers’ fragrance). At around £10 each and a burning time of up to 45 hours they are a guilt free purchase and a perfect little gift.

With the second series of Netflix’s Stranger Things, this book by Nadia Bailey salutes the ultimate ‘wing woman’ and style icon, Barb. With full colour illustrations, quizzes, style tips, quotes, and life advice straight from the Upside Down

The Book of Barb is described as ‘a guidebook for the kind and tragically uncool’, I’m in.

Since my teenage daughter's two-week voyage into the world of Vegetarianism and a friend’s dalliance with becoming a Vegan I’ve been looking further into the whole ‘meat free’ movement. As I’m not a huge meat eater I could quite happily give it a go and dishes like this pumpkin curry would make it an easier transition.


The ‘Flushed’ matt blush from Sleek looks terrifying in the pan but actually, the colour (applied sparingly) mimics that flushed, ‘just been a bracing country walk’ look on the skin. A perfect winter blush colour and at £4.99 its worth a try.


In the continuing trail of destruction left by my puppy (four pairs of shoes down) my beloved Baker Boy cap has become the latest casualty. I’ve had it for so long that I don’t actually remember where I bought it from. Black versions are everywhere and is always a classic but this Navy version from Marks & Spencer maybe worth a look for a more flattering colour so close to the face.


I’ve always been fond of a locket necklace and my Loquet-inspired one always gathers many compliments. Over on Etsy there are literally hundreds to choose from but these Zodiac lockets by Hidden Tales caught my eye. Featuring original illustrations by Louisa Marsh hand-applied to an antique brass locket on a long brass chain at £12.99 each they are a personal and interesting addition to your jewellery collection.

Hannah x



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