W&W Wishlist - 5 January 2018

W&W Wishlist - 5 January 2018

Happy New Year! We trust you all survived Christmas and the New Year?

As the decorations get packed away and the left overs are now all gone, my Facebook and Instagram are now being flooded the usual proclamations of ‘New year, New Me!’  Making little tweaks or changing really bad habits are always a good idea if they make you happier.

But this constant bombardment can make even the most self-assured and content person question themselves. Should I be changing everything in my life? What was the matter with my life before 2018 landed? I’m quite happy with my lot actually and I’m very grateful. So, then you begin to compare yourself and your life and the doubt creeps in, it’s a dangerous game this ‘bettering yourself’.  So, in preparation for this week’s WishList I started a search for gentle motivation, inspiration and comfort.

Motivational quotes are EVERYWHERE on the internet and there seems to be a quote for every occasion, clichéd or not. This company has some brilliant graphic typography prints featuring song lyrics and quotations which as well as being distinctly ‘non-twee’ are so reasonably priced. The ‘Bad Decisions make Good stories’ one caught my eye as a quote to live by but this one (Boom-shaka-laka) made me laugh and is in my shopping basket



As a nation, we know that a cup of tea solves everything and did you know that you can now get herbal teas which claim to increase motivation? I love a good soothing cuppa but when I need a jolt and a liquid kick up the bum coffee is where it’s at. This gorgeous set from Graham & Green (currently on sale) has all the components to make a stylish coffee ceremony.

I love this and it did make me laugh. 1. Because I love plants but I am terrible at keeping them alive and 2. Gloria Gaynor. 



Pantone announced ULTRA VIOLET to be the colour of 2018. In the meaning of colours purple and violet represent the future, imagination and dreams. Already popping up in some Autumn Winter collections the spiritual hue will be everywhere this year. Give yourself a head start and a little pep up with this nail colour from Max Factor.


True comfort food doesn’t get any better or easier than this corned beef hash. I don’t deviate from this basic recipe there’s just no need. You can add an egg on top if you like but baked beans are just perfect.


Eartha Kitt was once described by Orson Welles as ‘the most exciting woman in the world’ To the outside world it would be hard to believe the challenges and obstacles she faced in order to succeed. Her story is one which could draw parallels with today’s social media world where the veneer of happiness and success hides a very different reality. If you need a story of sheer determination and self-belief then this book is it.


Hannah x


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