W&W WishList - 20 April 2018

W&W WishList - 20 April 2018

The sun is finally shining and that always makes people (me especially) happier so let’s hope it lasts. Our WishLists where we feature small or independent sellers always gets lots of love and I love doing them, so this week I’ve once again sought out some fabulous picks from Etsy UK based sellers.

Shoes are not something you would necessarily look for on Etsy but I love these. They are handmade in Morocco using natural fibres, come in some great colours and designs. They also have some traditional Moroccan leather slippers in stock too, which are great for padding around the house in.


We’re all trying to do our bit for the environment and one small way (with a big impact) is to swap your takeaway coffee cup for a reusable version. Even better, buy one from a smaller company and support independent businesses at the same time. This store has so many gorgeous items to choose from too not just these cups.


Huge bunches of flowers are always lovely but you can make just as nice a display by grouping smaller vases together with a couple of stems. These mini ceramic vases are adorable and fresh looking whether filled or not.


Flavoured and fragranced lip balms are often packed with chemicals and synthetics (which are not good for the lip area) but these are totally natural and organic. I don’t drink gin (not since an unfortunate incident at the Ritzy nightclub in my youth) but I know plenty who do who would love one of these.  Cutely packaged, reasonably priced and yes, other flavours are available.


Anklets or ankle bracelets used to have a bit of a bad rap but I love them in the summertime and will always pick one up on holiday. Keep them delicate and definitely do not wear with tights! These are a great price and oh so pretty.

I came across this store via Instagram @dotanddol and I couldn’t pick out a favourite item from their store there are so many fab items. There aren’t many vintage online shops where I’m spoilt for choice but this one is an exception, so much so that I struggled to pick one piece out to show you. Just go have a look, the prices are great and the reviews are 5*, Love it.

That’s it for this week, please visit these stores and spread the word if you like what you see. Independent shops/sellers really do appreciate a shout out here and there. See you next week.


Hannah x



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