W&W WishList - 2 February 2018

W&W WishList - 2 February 2018

Finally, January is over! It seemed to go on forever. February is the month for me when I finally get going and start thinking of the year ahead, places to go and things to see.

First up and a definite booking for Kari and I on our ‘business research’ trips is this Frida Kahlo exhibition at our favourite museum the V&A. Starting on June 16th 2018 it will be the V&A’s main fashion exhibition for the year. Showing a collection of the artist’s personal items which have never been exhibited outside of Mexico before we will have the chance to get up close and personal with some of her iconic jewellery, clothing as well as photographs and letters. Booking now.


I have a love/hate relationship with Netflix, I usually end up flicking through the hundreds of available shows before deciding that I actually don’t have enough time left to watch something that finally piques my interest. What I do love about Netflix is the documentaries and for fashion subjects it is brilliant. The House of Z (released in 2016) chronicles the life so far of the immensely talented designer Zac Posen. From an art-filled childhood to a meteoric rise through the fashion industry and the subsequent backlash against his success. With access and interviews from Posen, his family and friends it becomes clear that his path to greatness has not come without cost. A revealing peek into the mechanics of a fashion brand where artistry must sit alongside business no matter how uncomfortable in order to survive.


My ‘to read’ pile is quickly becoming unrealistic but this book that I spied on Dawn O’Porter's Instagram feed is still going on there. Legendary Authors and the Clothes They Wore examines fifty writers among them Quentin Crisp, Zadie Smith, T.S. Eliot and Oscar Wilde. Highlighting a signature wardrobe moment that truly expresses their persona, the author delves further into how that ‘moment’ has influenced the fashion world today. If you love fashion and great literature then this unique insightful book is a definite must.


Both Kari and I are huge fans of The Ordinary skincare range, our only gripe is that a chemistry degree is sometimes needed to work out exactly what you are buying. On a recent shopping trip, we both picked up a few products each and this one has been my stand out. I’ve known of the skin benefits of Rose Hip Oil for a while but have often been put off by the smell (very earthy, this one not so much) and the price. This one a snip at £9 however has slotted nicely into my routine and my dry combo skin is improving massively.


A couple of years ago I tried on some dungarees in the sale in Marks and Spencer and they were perfect, a nice worn in denim with a slight flare, a perfect fit and £15. I didn’t buy them because frankly my daughter burst out laughing when I showed her them. I know, I shouldn’t have cared, but there you go. Now all over Instagram I’m seeing dungarees looking fabulous, chic and oh so comfy and I’m tempted again. I’m going to order a few and see how they look to continue my quest of not wearing jeans all the time.  

My love of vintage is never ending so much so that my son recently commented that “our house is basically just vintage tins and wood!” I’m unfazed and will be sneaking in a few of these fab little tins and as he’s now away at university I’m guessing he won’t notice.

I hope your 2018 is going well and I’ll be back next week with some Valentine pressie ideas.

Hannah x


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