W&W WishList - 18 January 2018

W&W WishList - 18 January 2018


Sometimes we don’t always need brand new innovations and products. Sometimes it’s nice just to revisit tried and tested formulas and stick to the classics. This week’s Wish List is just that, nothing fancy (maybe reworked slightly) just items that are simple and work.

For those still sticking to their healthy eating resolutions this warm salad is delicious. Mackerel is super healthy, good alternative to meat and the simple addition of new potatoes makes it substantial enough to keep you from snacking between meals.

I can across this face pack whilst reading an article about the top selling beauty products on Amazon and feeling like my skin needed a good purge I decided to give it a go. Firstly, you get a massive amount of this all natural Bentonite clay product which comes ready to mix. Simply add an amount of water to make a smooth paste (use a non-metallic bowl and spoon) and apply to clean dry skin. Leave the paste on for around 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Simple? Well certainly my skin was thoroughly purged BUT oh my days this thing hurts! If you have sensitive or dry skin I wouldn’t recommend. Your face is pulled so rigidly tight that even a slight smile will have you grimacing. I was running to the sink to wash this off. Afterwards my skin was red (it does warn you about this in the instructions), clean and firm. Despite the pain, I will use it again I just have muster up the courage.


Never a fan of ‘the big light’ I tend to have lots of lamps around the house much to my husband’s dismay. This classic table lamp from Dunelm has a sleek masculine feel whilst still retaining a cosy feel, even better it’s on sale for a brilliant £17.60


A lot of the clothing shops on Etsy tend to be vintage sellers but this store caught my eye not only for its fabulous name but also the great range of vintage inspired pieces. A good mix of separates and dresses all beautifully crafted and reasonably priced. My favourite is their Clarice, a stylish take on the classic white blouse (available in other colours and prints) which perfectly is priced at £39.


I love a hat and I love seeing people wear hats especially a stylish Fedora one. This cute knitted Fair isle beret from Accessorize is still in the sale at £5.10 and looks fabulous on. Colourful and warm it will brighten up these dreary winter days.


If you didn’t see or hear Oprah Winfrey’s rousing, emotional and inspiring speech at this year’s Golden Globes award I would urge to you to do so. Eloquent and unapologetic she brought the room to their feet. Oprah who has been in the media industry for decades has always credited the late Maya Angelou as her ‘mentor, mother/sister and friend’ and my pick this week is by no means a new release. ‘I Know why the Caged Bird Sing’ was first published in 1969 as the first in a volume of 7 autobiographies. It is considered a modern classic for good reason and is testament to the extraordinary life and work of the prolific poet and writer. 

Hannah x

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