W&W WishList - 16 November '17

W&W WishList - 16 November '17


A friend of mine recently commented that she thought I had a glamourous job; writing, buying fashion and doing photoshoots. In reality, I had spent the day in joggers at my computer, crunching numbers with the occasional coffee break and watching a bit of Columbo on daytime tv. This soft cashmere blend set from Next may be just the thing I need, I would look (a little) put together, still be comfy and warm. I could even wear it outside without being pyjama-shamed in Tesco.


We know the drill summer ends, out comes the thick tights and our routine of shaving, waxing, tanning and moisturising suddenly becomes a bit lax.  I’m guilty of this as much as the next person but when things reach crisis point a really good body moisturiser is the first thing I reach for.  Aveeno is a brand that I’ve used many times and love. This moisturising cream will smooth even the driest of skin, it smells divine, moisturising without leaving a greasy film and at around £6 it’s cheap enough to slather all over.


For any of you who caught the wonderful and powerful Chris Packham: ‘Asperger’s and Me film recently on BBC2 his brilliantly titled ‘Fingers in the Sparkle jar’ book is a must read. In this raw and emotionally exposing memoir Chris it takes us on a journey through his life as a child in the '70s, his discovery of his passion for the world of nature, his search for acceptance and understanding as a ‘loner’ whilst living and growing up with his as yet un diagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome.



Interiors wise there are very few things that my husband and I agree on, whilst he is most definitely in the minimalist camp I am more of a ‘vintage clutter and collect’ type. But this shade found recently on Etsy Uk has actually had us both in agreement. The clean, industrial design scores husband points and with enough intricate detailing and a small nod to vintage design to please me, this one is a definite winner.


Nigella Lawson made her long-awaited comeback to TV with the new show Nigella: at my table, recently.  In the usual flurry of comments about her ‘Carry-On’ style innuendos and floaty nightwear her recipes often become secondary. This is a shame because she’s actually produced some brilliant cookbooks and great home recipes.  This butternut squash and sweet potato soup is a tried and tested favourite in our house and perfect for this time of year.



The very idea of wearing socks and sandals immediately conjures up images of “Dads abroad” where the socks are white, pulled sensibly to the ankle worn with a pair of Velcro fastened walking sandals. But the look being touted as this season's quick and quirky update has way more colour and glitter. It’s an idea that will divide opinion and with Sarah Jessica Parker regularly wearing a variety of snazzy socks and beautiful shoes it could catch on.

Hannah x

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