W&W WishList - 12 May 2018

W&W WishList - 12 May 2018



With the sudden burst of sunshine last week Summer clothes and sandals were whipped out of storage but what about your make up bag? I don’t wear masses of make-up and as I get older I have become more and more selective about the products I use. I never wear make up on holiday during the day and I’m always a bit bemused at those who wear a full face to the beach, I just can’t be bothered. So, bearing this in mind this is my new edited make up selection, products that I reach for everyday when the weather becomes warmer.

I usually skip the foundation when the temperature heats up but my skin still needs a little boost. This product has been around for years and is often recommended by the fabulous Lisa Eldridge who is the champion of natural looking skin. It doesn’t give much coverage but the finish will give you a subtle glow without a glitter overload. I have tried more high end radiance boosters and balms but this one is the one I always go back to.

I always need a bit of help around the eyes and to combat redness around my nose a good concealer is a must. This one from Maybelline is brilliant and a definite repurchase for me. The consistency is light but with enough coverage for daytime without sitting in those pesky lines. 


This is a relatively new find for me after ditching the powder bronzer that was starting to look ‘dry’ on my skin. A gel like texture which I apply with a brush to the places where the sun would naturally hit. The sheer colour is a natural bronze tone with no glitter and a red undertone rather than an orangey hue. 


Layering powder on top on mostly liquid products can often result in patchy areas so I tend to stick with ‘type’ not just in Summer but all year round. These colour drops from GOSH come in a cute little bottle with a dropper dispenser and is applied in the same way as the liquid bronzer or you can tap it onto cheeks with your fingers. Again, the sheer colour gives a subtle flush of colour without a heavy feel or look.


I know I’ve mentioned Essence mascaras before but they are honestly some of the best I’ve tried all retailing for around a ridiculous £3. There are many to choose from and some are better than others but this one is one I bulk buy whenever I see it as the stockists of Essence are limited. It doesn’t clump or migrate down my cheeks as the day goes on.


Creasing eye shadows are one of the most common make up complaints from women as they age and so a creamier version is often a good alternative to powder shadows. I love this one in the shade Brulee and just dab a bit on my lid using my fingers just to give a little lift and light to my eyes. This product can also be used for a really good ‘cheat’ to give your eyes a more ‘awake’ look just by dotting a small amount to the inner eye corner, it really does work.


Back in the nineties it was the trend to pluck your eyebrows into oblivion which resulted in me wandering around looking permanently surprised for most of my twenties. Thankfully mine grew back but I knew I was getting older when I discovered my first grey eyebrow hair! If you ever seen any of the hundreds of eyebrow shaping, colouring and contouring video tutorials online you’ll be well aware that a quick haphazard colour in with a pencil just won’t cut it anymore. I don’t go in for the full works but a natural looking tweezer tidy up and then every few weeks I use this just to give a uniform colour (i.e. banish those grey hairs). It’s a bit messy but with the added bonus of the fact that I have fringe it’s enough to keep my brows looking neat.


These little pencils are fab, quick and easy to use. I have a couple in the bottom of my bag that I can whip out to give a shot of hydration and a pop of colour whilst out and about. There some gorgeous colours to choose from but the shade SIGMA is a lovely, coral shade is perfect for summer.

So, there you go, that’s my Summer make up picks I hope you like them. By the way if you like a make-up splurge this website is great and it has some great discounts.

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Hannah x


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