W&W WishList - 13 April 2018

W&W WishList - 13 April 2018


If you’re as obsessed as me with all things ‘Grey Gardens’ then hold onto to your hats (or head wraps a la Little Edie) as a new film has been released of the cult faves. In long lost footage from the scrapped documentary project which led to the ‘Grey Gardens’ film in 1975, Lee Radziwill tries to help her reclusive relatives get their house and home together. The film ‘That Summer’ refers to the summer of 1972 when Radziwell (Jackie Onassis’s younger sister) visited Big and Little Edie at their Hamptons home accompanied by photographer and artist Peter Beard to make a film about her childhood. However, it soon became clear to Beard that the real focus should be the fascinating lives of the truly bohemian and fascinating mother-daughter duo. Much to Radziwell’s chagrin the crew soon shifted its attention to Big and Little Edie which then led to Radziwell pulling the plug on the whole project. This latest instalment promises to be the most revealing, potent and engrossing yet with appearances from Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger and Truman Capote, I for one can’t wait until its release in May.


Both Kari and I are big Hot Yoga fans and if you haven’t tried it you should, it’s fabulous. I’ve never been a big gym bunny so my gym clothing is somewhat limited. There is a lot of choice out there on the high street ranging massively in price. This set from ASOS is right up my street as I haven’t yet ventured into the sports bra top (and don’t think I will) and the leggings sit comfortingly high on the waist.

I picked this moisturiser up recently for a ridiculous £2.59! I’d read rave reviews about it holding its own and out performing high-end products in terms of moisturise delivery to the skin. I didn’t expect much BUT I have been really impressed, it’s non-greasy and sinks in beautifully, smells lovely and leaves my sensitive/dry skin super soft. Normally retailing at around £4-£5 it’s definitely worth a go.

Kimchi (pronounced Kimchee) is a Korean cuisine staple and is served as a side dish. Fermented, spiced vegetables (mostly cabbage) doesn’t sound tasty at all and maybe an acquired taste but I love it. Apparently its loaded with vitamins and healthy bacteria which aid digestion and has been credited with many other health benefits. You can buy it from most oriental supermarkets or you can make it yourselves, this recipe is one I’m currently trying, I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I had spotted a mirror almost identically to this one a while back but priced at around £120 it was just too much to splurge. The vintage industrial design is perfect and although it is listed as a bathroom mirror it would work in any room.

The Handmaid’s Tale is back for Season 2 and its brilliant lead actress Elizabeth Moss recently stated that “season two is going to be bad too, really dark-it’s going to get worse”. I watched the first series of the barely able to breathe through each episode, compelled and disturbed in equal measure. We left Offred at the end of the series pregnant and being bundled in the back of van and although many of the original cast are returning there will be two new characters. The first is June’s mother Holly (played by Cherry Jones) and the second is a young girl named Eden (actress Sydney Sweeney) who is part of a group that is loyal to the Gilead and has ambitions to become the Commander’s wife. With actress Amanda Brugel (who played Rita in series one) recently stating that season two is “going to make season one look like a walk in the park” I’m getting ready to be stunned all over again. No release date is as yet confirmed but it is rumoured to be around April 25 on Channel 4. 

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