W&W Wishlist - 1 December

W&W Wishlist - 1 December

Mulled Wine is essentially the drink of December not just Christmas. For some reason because it is served warm I equate it to being practically medicinal and perfectly acceptable to sip from plastic cups whilst shopping. Anyway, if you are super organised and prepping for Christmas already this syrup recipe is a great idea. Keep a stash for yourself or give some as gifts in cute glass bottles.

BooHoo.com is not a website I usually visit but my 13-year-old daughter has always had questionable taste in clothes so I was supervising her whilst she browsed. Yes, there are A LOT of skin tight dresses, crop tops and Winter shorts! on there but it did actually have a few little gems. Sequins galore, there was a really lovely green maxi skirt which very nearly made it into my basket until said daughter pointed out that I would look like “I’d fallen into a Christmas tree” - brutal but true. This sequin wrap top however got both our approvals. Worn with jeans, trousers or skirts it will see you through the festive season, even pop a polo top underneath for extra warmth.


I love Neal’s Yard Remedies, always have; the fragrances, the formulations and of course those iconic blue bottles which look fabulous in the bathroom. I love a bath too whatever the time of year, time of day it’s one of my favourite things. My go to for any ache or ailment is a bath with good old Epsom Salts and a couple of drops of Lavender essential oil. This Aromatic Foaming Bath is just gorgeous, not cheap but not ridiculously expensive either and you’ll only need a small amount to fill the bathroom with its beautiful scent.


(left) The Row (right) BETSY bag from Watson & White

Now this is a shameless plug for one of our own products. Kari sent me a link earlier this week asking if I’d seen this bag from The Row. Granted it is gorgeous but it is also £1470. Our BETSY bag (which we both own and use constantly) bears more than a passing resemblance to it without the very hefty price tag, in fact you could buy one of ours in every colour way and still have over £1000 in change!



It seems ironic in this day and age of documenting every move on various social media platforms that most people say that they don’t have time to keep a written diary. This cute little journal gives you no excuse. Each page includes an entry space for five years of just one written line to surmise your thoughts, feelings or an event of that day.  The idea being that you can look back over the years to see life patterns emerge or new directions being taken at a glance.



I’m filing this next pick under the ‘I don’t know why I love this but I do’. I spied these bracelets a while ago and have been meaning to order one. As someone who always has some sort of hair band, bobble or even a scrunchie around my wrist ready I love this. And yes, the bracelet stays in place when you’ve taken off the band. A perfect gift for those who have everything. 

I’m going to do another Independent Business Wish list next week so if you know of any small companies that are worth a look let me know in the comments or tag me on Facebook or Instagram.


Hannah x

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