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Yoga has always eluded me a bit – the dream of the yoga honed body and zen like state is my goal.


I’ve tried it all, from hatha yoga in a church hall to that ashtanga class where blisters appeared on the soles of my feet (yes really) and I’ve logged on to an array of YouTube tutorials (love Yoga with Adrienne) but life always gets in the way of finishing a full 20 minutes when kids or dog stroll in mid forward fold.


So when I heard that HotPod yoga had to come to town I thought I’d check out its 12 days for £12 offer.


Disclaimer – I love the heat! Put me in a sauna or on a summer holiday and I can’t get enough of the sticky, sweatiness of a hot climate. (If you hate humidity this is definitely not for you).


HotPod is a big inflatable pod that is heated to 37 degrees for a one-hour class for beginners or the more advanced.


My class is inside the squash court of a local tennis club, but once you’re all zipped up inside you might as well be in Ibiza. Glowing a lovely lilac haze, and smelling sweet like orange blossom, HotPod is all chilled out clubby playlist and friendly atmosphere.


OK its hard work – you will wobble about, sometimes fall over and you WILL SWEAT BUCKETS. But it’s the best thing ever. In just two months myself (and my rather unbendy other half who is now a convert) troop along twice a week and we are really noticing the benefits already.


For me, despite years at the gym trying to recover from two babies and a liking for wine, my waistline has sprung back into shape in just eight weeks. And I can forward bend to hug my toes, my skin looks better and I am sleeping brilliantly.


HotPod fits neatly into my hectic life of running two businesses and having teenage kids. It’s an iphone app – you block book a bunch of classes and just book on and off as you can fit it in. Cancelling is fine with the click of a button, as long as you give them a bit of notice to fill your spot there’s no charge.


Once the £12 for 12 sessions expires it gets a bit pricier – I book 10 sessions at a time for £80 but for the diehard yogis they can go unlimited for £70 a month or go once a week for the £30 mini membership.


Our instructor is a tall bearded yogi called Alex whose calming style is perfect. Plus he gives great head massages (for those who don’t mind sharing their sweaty forehead!)


Download the HotPod yoga app from the iTunes store – classes are currently all across the UK with more towns being added all the time.





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