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Review: Maybelline Brow Tattoo

For many of us that lived through the ‘thin-brow nineties’ as I like to call them, we might be facing a bit of a challenge in today’s world of Cara Delevingne lookalikes.

Although my trusty Mac big brow pencil has never let me down, I was tempted to see what the latest brow tattoo product from Maybelline might offer.

Promising brow coverage for three days, all in one handy little brush applicator at £12.99 it’s definitely worth a go.

It’s easy to paint on, covering your brows in a thick, dark goo, and then after 20 minutes it just peels off. Well not quite – for me, it peeled off in strands and I ended up giving my brows a good rub down for the last few bits.

As for the result, I used the mid brown shade and it definitely provided an even coverage and shaded in any sparse bits, but I’m not sure I wouldn’t also put the pencil on for a bit more colour.

Perhaps I need the dark brown shade, I’ll give that a go next time, as I’m sure my daughter is going to pinch this ‘in-product’ as soon as she sees it on the bathroom shelf!

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