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Steam Cream

I have used SteamCream on and off for around three years. I say on and off as I am a skincare meerkat; my head turned easily by fancy packaging and bold claims of new products only to return to this simple white cream when things go wrong.

I have dry, sensitive skin which reacts quickly and often dramatically to any irritations. This little tin of cream packed full of natural active ingredients (12 to be precise) soothed my burnt skin in Marrakech and nourishes it during the English winter months.

SteamCream gets its name from its production process where steam is used to fuse
together the ingredients at speed leaving the emulsion to break down at quickly on contact
with the skin delivering intense moisturisation. Formulated with oats, orange flower and
essential oils of Rose and Lavender, it is perfect for those who prefer their skincare on the
natural side. Worth noting is that SteamCream does not test on animals and all ingredients
come from sustainable sources.

Although I’m not a fan of Lavender scent, SteamCream has a subtle creamier Lavender smell. Its texture is light and non-sticky, easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy film.

Andrew Gerrie (who is also the CEO of LUSH)) is the man behind the STEAMCREAM idea. He wanted to create one cream that “uses high quality ingredients, is effective and is honestly priced. A cream that didn’t promise the world but really delivered.” Although designed for the face it can be used on hands and body. I use it only on my face using any excess on my hands as SteamCream comes in small 75ml tins (£13.95)

Now the tins are another subject all together and honestly, their pretty yet simple designs
are what first caught my eye. The cream is formulated in the UK but the tins are designed in
Japan. Their simple aluminium finish is a standard however with hundreds of ever changing
designs, even seasonal and limited editions versions they make really pretty gifts and are
collected by SteamCream aficionados. A bonus is that at 75ml or the smaller version of 30ml (£7.95) they make great travel companions.

Although award-winning it is somewhat of an insiders’ secret, used by make-up artists due
to its non-irritating and calming effect on the skin. SteamCream does not advertise heavily
nor stocked extensively on the high street but in our opinion definitely worth seeking out.

Hannah x

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