W&W Wardrobe

W&W Wardrobe

In the first of our series of peeks inside real women's wardrobes, we speak to Hannah, co-founder of Watson & White.



  1. What is your wardrobe? (Antique armoire, built in closet, back of a chair, a whole room?)


I have a small walk-in wardrobe (which I begrudgingly share with the hubby) then a chest of drawers for lingerie & t-shirts. In the cupboards in my attic I have what my friends refer to as ‘the archive’ where I keep all my dresses and evening wear. I never throw a dress away whether vintage, expensive or high street, so I have a great collection. Friends often ask to borrow from ‘the archive’ if they have an event to go to.


  1. How often do you shop?


I shop sporadically maybe once or twice a month but I rarely go out with the intention of finding a particular item. My daughter and I have a rule that as soon as you try something on if you don’t think “I Love It!” then you don’t buy it.


  1. What’s your most treasured item?


I have an original 1930’s handmade black satin bias cut evening dress which is the most beautiful dress I own. I hired it from a former theatre costumier for a Gatsby fancy dress party. It even came with matching shoes (in my exact size) which were so delicate I wasn’t allowed to wear them outside. I begged the lady to sell me the outfit but she wouldn’t. On my 40th birthday one of my best friends presented me with a box and there inside was the dress. I adore it.


  1. What’s the one piece you always buy every single season?


Jeans. I hate shopping for jeans. I will go once a season and if I find a pair I like I buy a couple of pairs in all colours.


  1. What’s the item you are guaranteed to wear at least once a week?


Something in denim, a shirt, jeans or a dress. Always denim though.


  1. Trousers or skirts?


Trousers but I am making a conscious effort to wear more skirts.


  1. Jumper or Jacket?


Jacket. I love a suit jacket over a dress, skirt or with jeans.


  1. What’s your weekend style?


I’m really maxi skirts and sweatshirts at the minute.


  1. How has your style changed over the years?


There’s still a hefty dose of vintage there but it’s not so ott these days. I still love a vintage shirt with jeans or a vintage dress. I used to be quite gothic too which I just can’t pull off anymore. And my heels are gone now too I just can’t put up with the pain.


  1. Whose wardrobe do you covet?


Bella Freud, Pearl Lowe and Miroslava Duma.


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