W&W Wardrobe - Kari's vintage wardrobe

W&W Wardrobe - Kari's vintage wardrobe

image credit: Levi Strauss & Co

To celebrate the launch of W. Vintage, our handpicked vintage range we asked Watson & White’s Hannah and Kari about their love of vintage and to share with us the vintage pieces they keep in their wardrobe.


  1. Kari, when did you start wearing vintage?


As a teenager, I grew up in the Levi 501s era and loved customising clothes from a young age, my favourite thing was to visit the vintage stores in Belfast with my pocket money and buy ripped jeans and leather flying jackets. I carried on my bargain hunting at college, as a fashion student I loved finding cheap quirky dresses and coats to chop up or distress. I stopped wearing vintage for a long while but got back into it in my late thirties.


  1. How much do you wear?


Not that much as I prefer just to add touches here and there, I tend to wear vintage clothes on special occasions so look for evening gowns, but I love vintage jewellery and would wear that all the time. I also love a vintage pair of sunnies, especially bargain ones in charity shops!


  1. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe?


I have a pair of sunglasses that were my grandfathers, probably from the 1950s, and some of my mums 1960s handbags. My jewellery is the oldest, I have both my grandmothers’ antique rings I adore.


  1. Where do you shop for vintage?


Charity shops, vintage fairs (my daughter loves a kilo sale) and on eBay.


  1. What do you look out for/pitfalls to be aware of?


The sizing mainly, more often than not the sizes are tiny and don’t fit me – hence why I usually go for accessories.


  1. What’s your most treasured vintage item, and why?


I have a rose gold band that was my nana’s wedding ring, It’s so simple it’s as modern today as it was then. I also own a vintage backless black silk dress that is so flattering I will never give it up.


  1. What’s the one vintage item you wear the most?


Vintage Levi’s 501 Jeans – always.


  1. Do you wear vintage jewellery?


Yes it’s my favourite way to add a bit of uniqueness and depth to an outfit – I dress quite simply in plain colours and classic shapes, so a vintage watch, bag, sunnies or earrings will give an outfit a different look.


  1. What vintage item would you most love to own?


Anything Chanel, especially from Coco’s era.


  1. Whose vintage style do you admire?


Helena Christensen – I love her vintage look from her wardrobe to her quirky homes.


image credit: Instagram/HelenaChristensen




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