W&W Wardrobe - Tracey Hoole

W&W Wardrobe - Tracey Hoole

Let us introduce you to this fabulous lady, one of our favourite accounts to follow on Instagram, she comes in the form of The Tracey Diaries.


A fellow Northerner and very down to earth we love the fact that she doesn't take herself (or Instagram) too seriously. A self titled 'bag lady' - we very much beg to differ - and story teller, she shares her love of make up, music and travel via her often hilarious stories and posts. She's a beautiful advocate for living fabulously in your 50's.



Tell us what you do?

I work as an admin/receptionist 4 days a week at a skin clinic in Sheffield. I absolutely love skin care and any type of self care so I'm in my element. I also have a very neglected blog, I love writing, its like therapy. I keep threatening to write a book!

Describe your personal style?

I refer to it lovingly as 'Bag Lady Chic' after my boyfriend made a comment one day and it stuck. I have a preference for 70s style maxi print dresses and faux fur, dishevelled hair and woolly hats. I joke that I look like the type of lady that carries a bottle of Vodka in her handbag!


Who is your biggest Inspiration?

Debbie Harry has always been my style crush. She's amazingly talented, has great style and is beautiful - I always wanted to be her. My Grandma Betty, she had an eccentric style, wore lots of bling and loved her makeup. And of course my mum, who was everything I hope to be.


How often do you shop?

I'm not a big shopper anymore. When I worked as Office Manager at my previous job I used to buy something new every single week, without fail. I tend to look online now and make purchases maybe twice a month, which generally get sent back as they don't fit!

What has been your biggest fashion faux pas?

When I was younger I had a thing about tucking a pair of cord trousers into knee length socks - one blue sock and one brown sock!? I have no idea why but I must have looked ridiculous. Mum and Dad always said it made them chuckle and had no clue why I did it either!

What's the one piece you always buy every single season?

Probably a new dress, I love my dresses.


What's the one item of clothing you are guarenteed to wear at least once a week?

My Converse and a pair of wide legged trousers from Hope Fashion that are so easy to dress up or down - great for work and play.


Jumper or Jacket?


Jumper, preferably oversized with a roll neck - I like big and cosy. I used to have my late Grans Starsky & Hutch style belted cardigan, I wish I still had it. I love a hand me down, especially if it's from someone special.

What are your favourite go to Brands?

I've recently discovered FRNCH who I've bought several items from now. I love their pieces. I also venture into Marks & Spencer for trousers as they have a longer length range, I particularly like their jeans.



What's your weekend style?

I don't tend to dress down; I'm not someone you'll find in leisurewear and I don't like slippers. I don't like walking on grass either, especially if it's wet. I'm a bit weird like that. I'm normally found in a dress or jeans with an oversized cardigan. I was once referred to as the best dressed dog walker.


I was once referred to as the best dressed dog walker.

How has your style changed over the years?

I throw things together I might not have before, mixing patterns and textures. I don't take it too seriously.

What's your most treasured item?

My mum's wedding ring; I never take it off. A box full of handwritten letters from friends and family and Grandma Betty's faux fur coat that's older than me. Its falling to bits but I can't part with it.


Signature scent?

Black Orchid by Tom Ford, although I'm transitioning over to my boyfriends Invictus by Paco Robanne which I keep pinching - don't tell him!

Song on repeat?

At the moment 'Body Paint' by Arctic Monkeys, loving their new stuff.


 Image: Arctic Monkeys


Must read book?

I am a bit of a slack ass when it comes to reading. I tend to read blogs over books as my concentration span is zero. If I did pick up a book - I am partial to a little bit of Stephen King, he's an amazing writer.

What's on your bedside table?

An easier question would be what's not! A selection of lotions and potions, my make up brushes and various make up bits. A trinket full of bits and bobs, a candle, my glasses and a glass of water - I'm very messy.

Whose wardrobe do you covet?

I absolutely love Victoria Beckham's sense of style. Simple yet put together. The total opposite of mine.



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