W&W Wardrobe - Sarah Cotton

W&W Wardrobe - Sarah Cotton

Say hi to a good friend of W&W, the fabulous Sarah, hairdresser extraordinaire and local business owner. Always a lot of fun and a keen eye for fashion, we were excited to take a look inside her wardrobe.

Tell us what you do?

I run Bang a hairdressing salon in York with my business partner and husband Jonathon with whom I have three gorgeous daughters and a dog named Cilla (after Cilla Black!).

I'm passionate about hairdressing education and train all our amazing Bang hair team (Bangsters) in-house. I have a L'Oreal colour specialist degree and have taught hairdressing for both Toni & Guy and L'Oreal Professional plus I love to take part in industry competitions and photo shoots. I also discovered running a few years ago, which I love! I ran the York 10 miler twice and the Manchester Marathon after sadly losing my mum almost three years ago to ovarian cancer, raising money for Cancer Research UK and St Leonard's Hospice in York.

Describe your personal style for us?

I've been called the Chazzer Queen (Chazzer = Charity Shop). I love finding second hand gems and giving them a new lease of life by adding accessories, cute tights or socks to the look.

Who is your biggest style inspiration?

Debbie Harry with a hint of early Madonna.

How often do you shop?

Whenever I walk past a charity shop!

What has been your biggest fashion faux-pas?

The back permed mullet - short, straight, slightly spiky on top with a massive triangle perm at the back! Well, it was the 80's!

What's the one piece you always buy every single season?

A new hat - I love a good hat! Maybe a belt and some fishnet pop socks.

What's the item you are guaranteed to wear at least once a week?

A leather skirt.

Jumper or jacket?

Jacket - my current favourite is an animal print suit jacket. I'm wearing it here on stage with the Bang artistic team at the Pro Live Event in Manchester.

What are your favourite 'go to' brands?

I don't really buy into fast fashion brands but I do like to seek out high quality vintage designer stuff, a client gave me some amazing vintage Gucci heels a while ago and I've worn them to death.

Describe your weekend style?

Dial it down a bit, still like to make an effort but maybe swap the heels for trainers (currently loving my Nike Air Force 1's) and the leather skirt for jeans. That's when I'm not in running gear of course.

How has your style evolved over the years?

It's constantly changing, I suppose I just feel more comfortable in my own skin now and have got to know my body shape and what works for me. I'm only 5'2" so some styles and shapes just don't do it for me and are best left on the hanger.

What's your most treasured item?

I have some very precious things which I inherited from my mum when she died. Lucky for me she kept loads of her clothes from the 80's which are serving me so well at the moment! She never knew how cool she was and she'd find it funny that her clothes were having a resurgence now. The most treasured of those is a black boxy jacket with a floral embossed pattern and shoulder pads, its so cool, I loved her in it when I was a teenager and it goes with so many things I wear now. Its even still got a tissue of hers in the pocket and I like to feel it when I wear it, kind of makes me feel close to her. I'll never part with it.

Do you have a signature scent?

Chanel No 5 L'eau.

Song currently on repeat?

There's so many! Here's a few I've listened to a lot lately.... Lil Simz 'Point and Kill', The Vision 'Down', Amy Winehouse 'A Song for You' and Mavis John 'Use my Body'.

Must read book recommendation?

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig was the last book I read, that's pretty good and easy bedtime reading. I quite like a gritty murder mystery too.

What's on your bedside table right now?

My bedside table is also a dressing table too, so everything girly - beauty and hair products, a lamp and some water.

Whose wardrobe do you covet?

Kate Moss or Pam Hogg 💙

Jane x








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