W&W Wardrobe - Sara Anson

W&W Wardrobe - Sara Anson

Name: Sara Anson

Age: 43

Occupation: Admin manager, part time blogger, trainee Style Coach


  1. What is your wardrobe? (Antique armoire, built in closet, back of a chair, a whole room?)

I have ¾ of the wardrobe space (Ikea Pax) in our bedroom & I swap my wardrobe twice a year, Summer to Winter & vice versa. 

  1. How often do you shop?

A couple of times a month, but I love to browse online.

  1. What’s your most treasured item?

Definitely my battered old leather biker jacket.


  1. What’s the one piece you always buy every single season?

Stripes and jeans


  1. What’s the item you are guaranteed to wear at least once a week?

Ripped jeans or trainers


  1. Trousers or skirts?

Trousers although I’m loving pleated skirts for Spring



  1. Jumper or Jacket?



  1. What’s your weekend style?

Casual, jeans, sweater & trainers


  1. How has your style changed over the years?

Yes! I’m definitely more confident in my fashion choices as I’ve got older


     10.Whose wardrobe do you covet?

Victoria Beckham always looks amazing, but I get most of my inspiration from Instagram and real women, there are some seriously stylish ladies out there.



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