W&W Wardrobe - Jo Feeley

W&W Wardrobe - Jo Feeley

Pic credit: Chris Owens (North East Times)

Joanna Feeley, 42, is founder and managing director at Trend Bible, a future trend forecasting agency.  Her style is simple shapes with a masculine edge, with a bit of leopard print and a few bows thrown in!

What is your wardrobe? (Antique armoire, built in closet, back of a chair, a whole room?)

We had some wardrobes built in a few years ago, the fill a whole wall of the bedroom and hide everything from shoes and clothes to the TV. There isn’t tons of space though so I have to be fairly ruthless with how many clothes I have, if I’m not wearing something it irritates me that it’s taking up space.

    How often do you shop?

    Much less than I used to. I really think about quality fabrics and the quality of manufacture. My years as a menswear designer have given me an eye for detail. As I’ve got older I am much more thoughtful and considered about the clothes I buy, I used to have so many things I’d buy but never wear. I still have a habit I can’t shake – I buy things that are just a new version of something I already have which drives me nuts!

    What’s your most treasured item?  

    I have a bit of an obsession with broderie anglais and my favourite item (I did say I have a habit of buying the same thing over and over!) is a really lovely white cotton blouse by Isabel Marant Etoile.  

    What’s the one piece you always buy every single season?

    For the Winter season it’s a cashmere crew neck sweater. I can always justify spending on warm winter clothes when we get such long winters.

    What’s the item you are guaranteed to wear at least once a week? 

    Am item with sort of neck tie or bow. I’m obsessed with bows, and since much of the rest of my outfit will usually be quite simple and masculine, a bow just adds a little bit of interest. I have lots of white and cream blouses with necktie bows, trousers and skirts with bows, bags with bows, even bow earrings. I promise I won’t wear them all together!
    Trousers or skirts? 

    I love both – it’s tempting to wear jeans all the time but I try and mix it up.

    Jumper or Jacket?

    Jacket, I am very emotionally attached to a rather lovely navy wool wrap jacket.
    What’s your weekend style?

    Always jeans, a cashmere crew neck, with tan leather boots and bag. 

    How has your style changed over the years? 

    I think it’s got less fussy, less feminine, I really like very simple items that have that masculine quality to them. I have two young children so practicality overrides pretty much all else. I don’t think I actually wore flat shoes until I was a parent, it used to be heels every day!

    I can’t bear it when you’re busy and travelling a lot and all you can think about is how much your shoes hurt or how uncomfortable your clothes are, it’s very distracting. I’m drawn to simple shapes, great quality fabric but top of my list is the way it’s made – I hate getting something home that is made of high quality fabric only to find the seams unravel after a few weeks. 

    I used to wear a lot more print but these days I stick to quite plain fabrics (with the exception of leopard print which I love) and experiment a bit more with colour combinations. I’ve realised one of the simple joys of fashion is putting pleasing colours together.
    Whose wardrobe do you covet? 

    I love Caroline de Maigret’s look. It’s sort of masculine and bohemian at the same time. And she’s French so of course she carries it off with great style!

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