W&W Wardrobe - Helen Perry

W&W Wardrobe - Helen Perry

Name: Helen Perry

Age: 41

Occupation: Blogger www.notabout-thekids.com, or @notabouthekids on Instagram 

  1. What is your wardrobe? (Antique armoire, built in closet, back of a chair, a whole room?)

My wardrobe is a built-in closet. Three years ago we moved from a Victorian Terrace (my spiritual home) to a new house. One big advantage is that we now have three beautiful double wardrobes in our room, with built in drawers and shelves, it's heaven. I'm not saying that it is exactly beautifully organised and colour coded, but I do feel a little more like Carrie Bradshaw these days.

  1. How often do you shop?

I shop for clothes several times a month, but often only buy one item at a time. Although I have developed a nasty habit of grabbing half a dozen items at once, in a sort of supermarket-sweep fashion, so that I can try them on at home. It leaves me with lots and lots of returns to organise! I really would love to make more time to go and try on different things and really consider my purchases, but I tend to only do that when it is for a special occasion.


  1. What’s your most treasured item?

I bought a beautiful, knee length Diane von Furstenburg dress for a wedding last year. It was altered, so it fitted really well, and I got lots of compliments. I'm dying for an opportunity to wear it again. My granny handed down a faux fur gilet that my husband deeply disapproves of, but it is one of my most treasured items of clothing for sentimental reasons.

  1. What’s the one piece you always buy every single season?

Oh dear, it is so predictable, but stripy Breton tops. As I don't work in an office, the majority of my wardrobe is very casual, and Breton's go with everything don't they? I also have a weakness for knitted winter jumpers, especially polo necks. That is all I have been wearing for the past few months. Not forgetting shirts, I'm not a particularly girly dresser, and simple shirts are a real go to item for me when the weather is milder.

  1. What’s the item you are guaranteed to wear at least once a week?

Currently my orange stripy Breton top from Petit Bateau. As soon as it is clean it goes back on again. I highly recommend the Petit Bateau 'Mariniers', best I have found.


  1. Trousers or skirts?

Trousers, trousers, trousers. 99% of the time I am wearing jeans I'm afraid. I have never been keen on my legs so have adopted a lifelong policy of covering them up. I do love to wear a nice dress when I have reason to, but they don't fit with my typical day of walking children to school, then sitting at a desk or fussing around taking photos.

  1. Jumper or Jacket?

Well, both really! But if you mean do I go out without a coat on then, no! You can never have too many jackets and coats in my opinion. They complete an outfit, so you need a few options.


  1. What’s your weekend style?

It doesn't differ much to my week style, except that with a bit of luck I will have reason to get dressed up and put on some heels and go out.

  1. How has your style changed over the years?

Well I hope that I have smartened up a bit. I was always super, super casual and studenty in my twenties. I have now embraced more womanly shapes and styles, and clothes that actually fit me properly! If anything, my style could probably do with an upgrade. I'd love to try some new shapes, like dungarees and wide legged trousers, and will be getting some different bits in for the Spring and Summer.


     10.Whose wardrobe do you covet?

So many, can I pay tribute to more than one great dresser? Jennifer Connelly always looks amazingly chic in simple but directional pieces. I love Gillian Anderson, so sexy. Kate Moss is brilliant in so many ways but, given the fact that she could command free access to pretty much any clothes she wanted, I particularly respect the fact that she knows what she likes and sticks to it. I have always lusted after Jo Whiley's look, a bit rock and roll, a bit girly. Emma Thompson makes brilliant fashion choices these days too. I think that she gets better and better with age. That's the goal!!!



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