W&W Wardrobe - Jane Leach

W&W Wardrobe - Jane Leach

Co-partner of W. Vintage, Jane has an understated effortless style, dying to have peep inside her wardrobe..?


  1. What is your wardrobe? 

When we moved in we inherited built in cupboards which I hated. But I revamped them by painting & changing all the handles to original 1930's ones and now I love them and the amount of space we have.


  1. How often do you shop?

Weekly to monthly but I often end up taking things back - I tend to have splurges at the change of seasons.


  1. What’s your most treasured item?

Until a few years ago it was my late dad's jumper – I wore it around the house. It was big, warm & cosy but it eventually fell apart.


  1. What’s the one piece you always buy every single season?

Jeans of some style/colour.


  1. What’s the item you are guaranteed to wear at least once a week?
Definitely jeans. They are an absolute staple of my wardrobe and always have been. I have lots of vintage levis.....


  1. Trousers or skirts?

     Mostly trousers but I love a good skirt (with pockets).


  1. Jumper or Jacket?

      Both – I feel the cold.


  1. What’s your weekend style?

       Relaxed, casual, often 70's inspired!


  1. How has your style changed over the years?

     From my teens Neneh Cherry 'street-style' (seeing her perform 'Buffalo  Stance' in 1988, whilst 8 months pregnant on TOTP's in lycra and big trainers was unforgettable for me) through to my student days of Doc Marten's with EVERYTHING (much to my mum's dismay) I'm now trying to cultivate a timeless, wearable wardrobe with a few fashion forward pieces thrown in, plus a little bit of vintage of course. The holy grail of a Parisian style wardrobe is the ultimate for me.


     10.Whose wardrobe do you covet?

     Jane Birkin, Jeanne Damas (anything French inspired!)


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