Stylish Secret Santa Gifts

Stylish Secret Santa Gifts


If you're anything like me, you'll love a Secret Santa gift. I don't even mind the silly ones, but I guess not everybody likes a novelty shower cap, so I wondered if it's possible to buy a stylish secret Santa gift for under a tenner?

Whether it's for your workmates, best friend or simply a stocking filler here's our favourite picks in the shops now:

This personalised bullet notebook is perfect for a teenage daughter or best friend. 

This simple hairclip would look amazing on Christmas day, or with a simple white blouse and jeans. 

Why not jazz up the washing-up on Christmas day with this Prince tea towel and stick the iPod on to purple rain while you're at it? At just over a tenner its the only gift you'll need a few extra pennies for.

This smoky chocolate is perfect for the foodie in your life, ands its packaging is pretty enough to pop straight under the tree.

Remember this from your childhood? This spirograph set is bound to keep the kids amused on Christmas day.

I'm a coffee lover, so I'd be delighted if this Cos coffee clip spoon ended up in my Christmas stocking this year. 

Something special for mum - mine loves Turkish Delight and this rose scented box of sweets is beautifully wrapped. 

Our four legged friends can't get left out, so we'll be getting this cosy snood for our dog walks. 

Work mate you don't know that well? This arty mug will make sure their daily cuppa is on trend. 

Big hint to the other half - the Cereal city guides are a must and this one on Paris is bound to work its magic.

Happy Christmas,

Kari x 

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