Romantic Movies with Incredible Style

Romantic Movies with Incredible Style

Here’s to the movies where the fashion is as iconic as the story ❤️
These are our recommendations for a swoon worthy Valentines evening… which is your favourite?

Two for the Road 1967 ~ Audrey Hepburn's wardrobe parallels her relationship with her husband throughout the movie.

In the Mood for Love 2000 ~ Ms Chan looks beautiful in every single scene, her wardrobe is simply stunning. A piece of art.

Rear Window 1954 ~ Grace Kelly = iconic (each costume she wears is designed by Edith Head 🖤).

Scarface 1983 ~ Michelle Pfieffer is so elegant in this movie.

The Way We Were 1973 ~ Barbra had 62 changes of costume for this movie, ranging from 1937 - 1952 all designed by Moss Mabry.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s 1961 ~ the moment she steps out of that yellow cab, a sartorial icon is born.

The Notebook 2004 ~ set in the 1940’s, an excellent era for fashion. Allie’s look is proper & polished yet it shows her quirkiness at times.

Carol 2015 ~ sumptuous wardrobes showcasing the most cutting edge designs of the early 1950s.

Love Story 1970 ~ 54 years old and we still remember those wardrobes. Some of the best outfits ever for a movie.

Atonement 2007 ~ THE GREEN DRESS 💚 The director’s orders for the dress were threefold - lightness, length & shade of green. Much more low cut than designs of the time the designer plunged into the fashion archives of the 1930s to create this now cult hit. Jaqueline Durran won the Oscar for Best Costume Design in 2012.

Jane & Hannah xx

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