W&W Wardrobe - Jane's Vintage Wardrobe

W&W Wardrobe - Jane's Vintage Wardrobe

Jane, when did you start wearing vintage?

Probably around the time of being a student, not having much money to spare I'd accessorise with vintage belts, sunglasses and jewellery. It gave me a chance to express myself and develop a style without spending a fortune on clothes. I remember in my teens going through a phase termed as the 'Grandad look', wearing oversized old mens tweed jackets over long dresses or jeans.

I was brought up on jumble sales, hand me downs and home made clothes so it was never an issue for me wearing second hand clothes.

Me in Estepona, Spain 1979

How much do you wear?

I love vintage but only add in pieces here and there. I definitely seem to veer towards 1960's and 70's styles and have some lovely original blouses, they're so easy to wear and can be dressed up or down. I recently got some wonderful navy classic tailored wool trousers, they fit like they were made just for me. I like to mix vintage with more contemporary clothes - I don't want to look vintage if that makes sense?

I love the wearability of timeless pieces, this gorgeous pair of slingbacks have been worn to tons of weddings over the years and I still love them them just as much today.

What is the oldest item in your wardrobe?

I own some original 1960's and 70's handmade evening gowns, they are exquisite and beautifully finished.


Where do you shop for vintage?

All the usual spots, vintage shops, fairs and markets, charity shops (the best ones are where the rich people live), Ebay, Etsy and a cool site called Auctionet.com plus I love going to flea markets when I travel abroad.  Of course sourcing stock for W&W is a dangerous game and I'm often tempted to keep everything!

Some of my pieces have been handed down to me from relatives, I have a few bits of jewellery from both of my grandmothers. I particularly used to love staying over at my paternal grandmother Gladys' house when I was little, she had a dressing table which was a treasure trove - full of jewellery, brooches, gloves and so on, dating back to the 1920's and 30's.


My grandad Arthur & grandmother Gladys looking chic even on Blackpool beach in 1930!


What do you look out for/pitfalls to be aware of?

Always check that zips are working and for imperfections like holes or rips which may not be obvious at first glance. Stains can often be off putting but its amazing what a good wash or a stain remover can do. Also, know your measurements -  don't be put off by the sizing in vintage clothing, most items can be taken in or up by a good tailor, its better to buy too big than too small. 

What's your most treasured vintage item, and why?

I have a couple, my engagement ring is an original platinum diamond ring from the 1930's. Its an absolutely beautiful piece of jewellery.

There's also the dress I wore for my hen do back in 1999. I took a load of my friends for a night at the T&C Club in Leeds. Fridays were disco nights courtesy of Brutus Gold's Love Train, I wore an original 70's slinky slip dress with an gorgeous cross over back, both have lots of sentimental value and I hope will be handed down for generations.


What's the one vintage item you wear the most?

It would have to be vintage Levi's which are a staple in my wardrobe.

Do you wear vintage jewellery?

Not really, I tend to wear more contemporary jewellery, although I do wear my Chanel pendant all the time which I bought years ago in London and is probably classed as vintage now..!

What vintage item would you most love to own?

I think a classic Chanel 2.55 handbag would be nice to own.

Whose vintage style do you admire?

Jeanne Damas, I love her classic, laid back vintage style. She has that perfect elusive and French 'Je ne sais quoi' look.

 Image credit: Jeanne Damas




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