In With The Old 🖤

In With The Old 🖤


We spent January slowly easing ourselves back into work whilst taking some time to reflect on what's important to us individually and how we'd like our brand to progress into 2024.

With that we've come to the decision to focus all our attention on W. Vintage moving forwards -  this means we will no longer be stocking any 'new' items, once they're gone, they're gone for good. 

It makes perfect sense to us, we love clothes and fashion but can no longer ignore just how destructive fast fashion is for the planet.

W. Vintage was originally born out of an endless love of the hunt for beautiful things with a history, and that's how we intend to continue. Each item is hand picked by the two of us, with an intention for you to bring new life into pieces with a story all of YOUR own.

You'll find an evolving curation of high quality, colour-paletted to perfection, timeless vintage finds for the modern woman - ready to be re-homed and re-loved. 

The W. Vintage woman loves fashion and style but doesn’t want to spend a fortune on designer labels, she is inspired by other women but wants to stand out from the crowd. Just like us  –  two friends who style things our own way. 

Alongside our affordable everyday vintage pieces we'll continue to offer W. Vintage Premium, our small but perfectly formed selection of beautiful, uniquely stunning pieces for those very special occasions. Magical, wildly romantic clothes for you to treasure forever and add to the Museum of YOU 🖤

Lets bring back buying well and outfit repeating

Jane & Hannah xx



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