Hit the Sales!

Hit the Sales!

Surviving the Sales-Our Top 10 Tips


It’s that time of year again to sharpen your elbows and venture out to the sales. Love or hate them, go online or risk the high street here’s our Top 10 to successful sales shopping.


  1. Our first tip is one that we stick to all year round. When you try something on and don’t immediately think “I LOVE THIS” don’t get it. Harsh I know, but if you don’t love something before you buy it, chances are you won’t when you get it home regardless of the discount.


  1. Make a list of staples or classic pieces that are missing from your wardrobe or need replacing. True bargains are the ones that you will wear time and time again. Good quality and well cut coats, suits or separates are never regretted. The same goes for jeans, if you have a favourite style or make that is heavily reduced go for it and buy in bulk if you can.


  1. Before the sales begin if you can, have a subtle nose at the swing tickets in store. Having worked in retail for many years pre-sale preparation included writing discreetly in pencil the sale price (prefixed with 00 or a similar coding) on the reverse of the swing ticket.


  1. Although sale time is great for trying a new look or experimenting with a ‘New You’ don’t get carried away. Avoid anything too ‘on trend’ the chances are you won’t wear it for very long. Remember sales exist not only for retailers to clear room for new stock but also to shift items that nobody wanted.


  1. Louis Vuitton NEVER go to sale; they don’t need to. But some designers bags will be reduced, particularly within department stores. If you have been coveting a particular bag for a while, one that you know you will keep and will last forever now is the time to buy.


  1. Plan your shopping outfit. Don’t wear jeans, lace up shoes, trainers or anything too fiddly to get on and off if you’re planning to try clothes on (you should but if you can’t face the changing rooms check the stores return policy before you purchase) and keep hands free with an across body bag too.


  1. When you are trying on clothes have a look at the rail located by the fitting rooms for extra sizes or pieces you may have missed. Chances are the sales assistants are too busy to put everything back out on the shop floor quickly. Please try to be nice to the assistants too; working in retail over the festive period is not fun, I know.


  1. If you can wait, then do. Unless you’ve really been lusting after something in particular save your sales trip until around 2/3 weeks after sales start. Great reductions can be had as shops really need to start clearing stock to make way for new arrivals. This is a particularly good time if you have either small (uk3-4) or larger (uk8+) feet as these sizes are often less popular and can be picked up for massive discounts.


  1. Online- Sign up for newsletters. Online stores will often send out an email notifying you of sale dates, discount amounts and some even offer sale previews. You can always unsubscribe after the sales.


  1. Pre-sale bookmark any items you really love online. You can then keep track easily of reductions or further reductions, it will also give you the chance to think about a purchase and decide if you really do want or need the item.



So, there it is, I hope this helps. Let us know your top tips for the sales in the comments below. Good luck!


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