W&W Wishlist - Happy New Things!

W&W Wishlist - Happy New Things!

Time to start things not stop things


Every New Year’s Eve the pressure mounts to stop things - stop eating ‘bad’ foods, stop drinking, stop procrastinating and start lots of new ‘resolutions’ to be a better, brighter version of you.

But what if you quite like ‘you’? What if you don’t want to stop enjoying life, in fact you want even more of it?

This year Hannah & I had a chat about new year resolutions and decided we just wanted more, not less, of the good things in life.

So if we want a glass of wine, we’ll have one. If we want the cheese board, that’s fine too. If we want to binge watch Fawlty Towers on a Sunday afternoon, don’t disturb us! As long as its balanced with our more healthier selves, we won't be giving anything up.

But we also want more things that we’ve forgotten to enjoy as life and technology takes over.

This year rather than give something up in January, we are resolving to take something up.

Hannah is going to learn Spanish and start sketching. A talented illustrator in our fashion college days, she’s put down her pen and now plans to take it up again. All that’s needed is a notepad and a bit of time, we can all put down our phones and do that. Spanish might involve technology however, with the best apps now available on iTunes to learn a language, but even a night class might be on the cards.

I plan on simply walking and writing but maybe not at the same time! Previously an avid runner, injuries have left the trainers redundant so I intend on replacing pounding the streets with pacing the pavements this year - by walking to work and meetings as often as I can. Despite being a copy writer for a living, the art of penmanship was left behind years ago, so in 2019 I will be going back to a paper diary and journal and learning the art of beautiful handwriting again.

So, give up those thoughts of giving up stuff and ask yourself what else could you start in 2019?

Here’s a few ideas, do share with us what you take up over on Instagram by tagging @watsonandwhite in your posts.

- Yoga

- Cooking from scratch

- Journaling

- Reading 

- Volunteering

- Organising

- Drawing

- Sewing

- Dancing

- Poetry


Happy New Year, here’s to new things in 2019!

Hannah & Kari xx

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