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W&W Women - An Update

The W&W story so far….


Hello! It’s been a funny old year, hasn’t it? Fingers crossed we can now look forward to lots of sunshine and happier days ahead.


Firstly, we have some very exciting news to share with you. As well as moving into a brand new office space W&W recently welcomed its new partner, Jane Leach. You may have previously seen Jane in a few of our features, on our Instagram or even met her in person at one of our Pop Up shops. We’re so happy that she has decided to join W&W permanently and we feel that she is a perfect fit. Jane’s history encompasses working in lots of areas, from retail to TV and music events, raising 3 children as well as hanging out at her husband’s Indie rock gigs. We’ve known each other for years, have spent many a night dancing and musing over cocktails about what it would be like to ACTUALLY live in Paris. Discovering a shared love for Vintage clothing and dogs sealed our friendship.



If you’ve been following Watson and White for a while, after a bit of a hiatus on the blog section you may start to notice a few subtle changes. We’ll be giving you some glimpses into what goes on behind the scenes here at W&W, with of course, more fashion features but also, we want to talk about other topics that we all share a common interest in, from personal style, health and wellness to food and music.


W&W was born from the initial idea of women who love fashion and style but don’t want to always spend a fortune on designer labels. Women who love the High Street but want to look different to the crowd. Women who are inspired by other women and how they can style the same outfit in different ways. We want to continue to spread the message that females of ALL ages are beautiful, interesting, successful and influential. Our original mantra of ‘if we wouldn’t wear it, we don’t share it’ remains.


We’re so excited to see W&W flourish and grow but most of all we thank you for your continued support for our business. X





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