5 New Year Resolutions to try

5 New Year Resolutions to try

Pic - BBC Blue Planet ocean pollution (Via The Telegraph)


January is not everyone's favourite month, but I love the whole new start, resolution-making freshness of a new year.

Previously I've given up sugar in my coffee, done a digital detox and completed Dry January, so I'm looking for a new challenge to kick start 2018. If you're in need of resolution inspiration here's some I'm thinking of trying.

Mind RED (Run Every Day)

The charity that supports mental health awareness, Mind has created RED which stands for run every day, as a fundraising new year January challenge. You actually don't have to run every day, you can just get outside for a walk, but running daily is a challenge I have never mastered even when I ran a lot, so I fancy giving it a go - and its a great charity to support.

TRUE Yoga with Adriene

I'm a bit of a yoga fan, and Adriene's YouTube videos are my favourite, so I've signed up to her 30 Day Yoga Journey in January, a free daily yoga video that anyone can have a go at.

Her 'do what feels good' mantra sums up Adriene's relaxed and easy-to-watch style of yoga, no wrapping your legs around your neck here, just really practical yoga sessions you can do at home starting on January 2nd.

Marine Conservation Plastic Challenge

The amount of plastic in our oceans and landfill worries me, and I for one hate the amount of packaging I have to accept in my weekly shop, so when I read about the Plastic Challenge I have committed to trying to reduce my plastic consumption in 2018.

In June last year the Marine Conservation Society launched its “plastic challenge”, asking us to give up single-use plastic for a day, a week or even the whole month. I think January is a perfect time to give it a go.

Instagram book club

Although I have no trouble devouring books on holiday, the business of everyday life seems to zap my concentration levels that I read less and less than I'd like - so in 2018 I intend to try to read a lot more. Given I graze a lot on Instagram, I'm going to put it to good use by following a few of the Instabook reviewers like @bookbaristas to get recommendations for my next read.

Take the 12 Trips Challenge

I for one know I've settled into the habit of enjoying the same places to visit on holiday, because they're relaxing and easy in my busy life. But with a whole world to explore, the 12 Trips Challenge, which starts in January and challenges you to visit somewhere new each month even just for a day, sounds perfect. Time to get planning my first trip..


I hope you find inspiration here for some sort of positive change in January, its a month to be enjoyed and filled with new things that make your life better - no pressure, just enjoy.

Happy New Year!

Kari x 

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